Jeff Massanari

Jazz Guitarist



Jeff maintains a very busy teaching schedule and is available for clinics , workshops and private lessons. Massanari has taught clinics on improvisation, solo guitar, fingerboard fluency and on stylistic diversity.  Private lessons are tailored to the needs of the specific student and materials used  range from basic fundamentals and songs to advanced concepts for professionals.

Some of Jeff’s present and former students

“Jeff Massanari is not only a world-class guitarist, but he is equipped with the rare gift of being able to teach as well as he plays. He is a very patient teacher who expresses a love for the music that is contagious.”

- Zev-Shear Nance, current USC student of Peter Erskine

Jeff had an incredible ability to cater to the needs of each student and is very adept at developing musicianship in a well rounded and enjoyable process. He knows how and where to push you, how to boost your strengths and improve your weaknesses. His years of playing professionally have given him incredible experience in thinking on his feet, which shines through in his teaching in his examples and excercises. Aside from musical skill, Jeff is a loyal friend and positive human being who I have enjoyed both learning from and about over the years. Highly recommended!

- Jason Zucker, current New Jazz school student

I study Music at UC Berkeley and have been playing guitar, leading bands, writing songs, and performing my whole life. Since starting lessons with Jeff Massanari two years ago, my guitar playing has utterly transformed. Jeff’s teaching has launched me into a world of musical confidence and excitement, and he has expanded how I think about Music and the guitar. Jeff is a master guitarist, musician, and performer. He is not only a fantastic teacher and mentor, but he also brings a wealth of experience to his teaching as one of Bay Area’s leading professional musicians.

In addition to being a master of many styles of music, he is also a highly skilled composer, arranger, and bandleader. Jeff has an extremely creative musical mind and an ability to know exactly what fits in a song. He as helped me with all musical aspects of my original compositions, including: harmonic structure, melody, bass lines, band arrangements, ideas for solos, rhythm, etc. He has expanded how I think about Music and the guitar.

- Chris Youmans, current UC Berkeley student